Monday, November 24, 2008

I am now interested in......

After listening to peoples presentations I have become interested in a few of them. One would be coltons with drag racing. Just this last summer I bought a sport bike and plan on taking it down to marion and race it with Colton and his brother Dalton. I have always planned on it as soon as I got it but now after seeing his blog I really want to do it now. Another presentation I enjoyed was Steven's I always loved watching mud racing and going out with Colton and a bunch of my other friends mud bogging in our fields or cricks or river bottoms. A third would be DJ's because I have a system in my truck and i know that he likes that stuff to. There may be some other ones that caught my attention like Shannon's and Bobby's but it not really something that i would get to excited about going out and doing. I like to lift weights but I get so busy with work and hunting this time of year and also school I suppose I dont get much time nor do I have the energy to go and work out after all that.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Adam Tuschen and Dalton Grimmius

Undefeated! These two unbeatable b#*r pong players won five straight games without a flaw and in the last game they just about lost their streak but came back with a strong win. Everybody at the event tried to defeat the champs but never succeeded so tonight the night of november fifteenth these two boys become men by winning five consecutive games without a flaw. But you must not forget that the night is still young!!!!